FEC101 Oct 2, 2012

FEC101 Oct 2, 2012
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Melbourne Class of '58 Reunion


Melbourne Class of '58 Reunion

Had the pleasure of joining members of the Class of 1958 today October 17, 2012 for lunch at
the Marsh Landing Restaurant in Fellsmere from 1 till 3PM.

While much of the conversation naturally revolved around the comings and goings of the Class
of '58, there were other equally intriguing moments about life in east central Florida during
the good old days.

It is always a pleasure to visit with Mr. Johnny Hiott whose recall of names, places and
details is just as sharp as can be.

I was delighted to be seated between him and Cecil Tumblin whose father was FEC Railway
section foreman in Micco. Cecil grew up in the section house that was located at the spot
where the East Coast Hogger set out my whitecaboose sixteen years ago last week. And what
stories he had to tell!

As lunch concluded, it was my privilege to conduct a tour of the artifacts and premises in
Marsh Landing for Cecil's wife Ann and friend Earl. She was most fascinated by the lone wheel
of the Fellsmere RailRoad/Trans Florida Central motorcar which has been called DINKY for
nearly 100 years.

A very special Thank You to Johnny for gifting me three original papers from the extensive
Gleason Collection which is now being transferred to Prof. Seth Bramson, FEC Railway

I look forward to meeting with this group again, hopefully long before their next annual class